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Exotic THCA Flower- GMO | 3.5g | AAA Grade


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Indulge in the deeply relaxing world of KandyLand Co.’s GMO, a top-tier indica-dominant hybrid known as “Garlic Cookies.” Each 3.5g packet delivers a potent combination of savory garlic flavors and profound sedative effects, crafted from the finest Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies strains. With its dense, trichome-rich buds and strong, pungent aroma, GMO is perfect for those seeking an exceptional indica experience to unwind and relax deeply.

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GMO – Exotic THCA Flower AAA

Step into the world of KandyLand Co.’s GMO, also popularly known as “Garlic Cookies,” an indica-dominant hybrid that promises a profound sensory experience. This strain, a blend of 90% indica and 10% sativa, originates from the potent mix of Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies strains, offering a deep, pungent aroma and intensely relaxing effects. Our GMO Indoor THCA Hand Trim showcases the pinnacle of cultivation precision and excellence, achieving unmatched purity and potency that secures its place as a favorite among indica lovers globally. With its carefully selected and nurtured genetics, every 3.5g packet of our GMO provides a premium, consistent experience.

What Does GMO Feel Like?

The experience with GMO is intensely tranquil, starting with a powerful uplift that slowly transitions into hours of deep, restful sleep. The profound relaxation it induces envelops both mind and body, offering a sedative effect that is both deep and lasting. This strain is the go-to choice for those seeking the classic, potent indica effects for significant relaxation and stress relief.

How Does GMO Taste and Smell?

GMO boasts a unique flavor profile with a pronounced garlic taste that melds with spicy, earthy undertones, leaving a memorable spicy kick on the exhale. Its aroma is rich and robust, characterized by an intense garlic scent with layers of musky, earthy coffee notes and a hint of sweet and sour complexity. This combination makes GMO an olfactory delight with a distinctly sharp and inviting fragrance.

GMO Nug Structure

Each bud of GMO is densely structured and richly colored, varying from deep greens to hints of purple, all highlighted by vibrant orange pistils. The meticulous hand-trimming process preserves the integrity and natural beauty of the flower, emphasizing the frosty, shimmering trichomes that enhance its allure and visual appeal.

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