THC Flower | Jet Fuel Smalls Gelato | Sativa | 1 Eighth

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Elevate your day with KandyLand Co.’s Jet Fuel Gelato Smalls! This Sativa-dominant strain packs a punch in just one eighth, boasting 24.09% THCa and the richest terpenes and cannabinoids for a vibrant, mood-lifting session. Grown with the highest care and rigorously tested for your safety, these buds promise to enhance your energy and promote well-being. Light it up and let Jet Fuel take you higher!

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Kick back and take off with KandyLand Co.’s Jet Fuel Gelato Smalls, a 1 eighth powerhouse that’s all about uplifting vibes and energizing your spirit. Dive into a jar packed with the crispiest, most aromatic small buds you’ve ever laid eyes on, flaunting a whopping 24.09% THCa. These little gems are cultivated from the cream of the crop, delivering every shade of green goodness and the subtle essence of ripe bananas. Rigorous lab testing ensures that you’re puffing on nothing but the best, guaranteeing potency and your safety. So, spark up this Sativa and let the bold flavors propel your mood to new heights, all with the peace of mind provided by our satisfaction guarantee. Ready for a stellar cannabis journey? Jet Fuel Gelato Smalls is your ticket to the stars.

Key Highlights:

  • Sativa Dominance: Enjoy an eighth of our energizing Jet Fuel Gelato Smalls.
  • Packed with Flavor: Rich in aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids for a full-spectrum experience.
  • High THCa Content: A potent 24.09% THCa in every pouch.
  • Premium Cultivation: Grown from top-tier cannabis plants with meticulous care.
  • Stringently Tested: Ensured potency and safety for a worry-free session.
  • Mood Elevating: Perfect for boosting your energy and enhancing your well-being.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand by our promise of an unmatched cannabis adventure.


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